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Borodino Battlefield Private Tour
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Visit the legendary battlefield of the two Patriotic Wars where Napoleon's Grand Armee fought its deadliest single-day battle against the Russian Army in 1812 and where in 1941 the German troops were rushing towards Moscow. Borodino field is dotted with dozens of monuments and fortifications. There's also a small but noteworthy museum displaying artefacts and artworks related to 1812. The itinerary is totally flexible, explore everything at your own pace. I'm not a licensed guide so I'll rather be your driver and travel companion on that trip providing all the essential information and assistance.This tour can be combined with visiting the tank museum in Kubinka and the Patriot park which house an extensive collection of German and Soviet armour.My car is a Subaru Outback comfortable for 3 passengers (but can accommodate 4).

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