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Squirrel Pie (and Other Stories): Adventures in...
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Elisabeth Luard, one of the food world´s most entertaining and evocative writers, has travelled extensively throughout her life, meeting fascinating people, observing different cultures and uncovering extraordinary ingredients in unusual places. In this enchanting food memoir, she shares tales and dishes gathered from her global ramblings. With refreshing honesty and warmth, she recounts anecdotes of the many places she has visited: scouring for snails in Crete, sampling exotic spices in Ethiopia and tasting pampered oysters in Tasmania. She describes encounters with a cellarer in chief and a mushroom king and explains why stress is good news for fruit and vegetables and how to spot a truffle lurking under an oak tree. Divided into four landscapes - rivers, islands, deserts and forests - Elisabeth´s stories are coupled with more than 50 authentic recipes, each one a reflection of its unique place of origin, including Boston bean-pot, Hawaiian poke, Cretan bouboutie, mung-bean roti, roasted buttered coffee beans, Anzac biscuits and Sardinian lemon macaroons. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Sian Thomas. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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